The 2013 “To DO” list


The first full moon in this odd year, 2013 has come and gone. Summer holidays here @ 40º South have been in effect with most auto-replies indicating varied start dates from Jan. 14 through Feb. 4. Now it’s time to get back in the swing o’ things and starting focusing on what’s going to get done in the coming weeks, months and the coming year.

My first professional activity of the New Year was to prepare and give a talk about BEing a DO’er – what does it take? plus tips on how to DO “things” better, and perhaps reach peak performance to DO one’s best in 2013.

You can see my BE a DO’er slides from my extemporaneous talk . At the end of my talk I listed my key goals and projects for 2013.

HJ’s “To DO” list for 2013:

In Asia Pacific:

• ID launch partner for MegaBourse investment simulation game/platform in USA – Feb. – June

• Plan and organize DELF conference in Hong Kong – Feb. – conf-day – April 17 in HK

• Deliver special project with Beijing Investment Bureau  – June – Nov.

• Facilitate strategic planning days for growing companies  — Ongoing

In NZ:

• Support delivery of the Startup Weekend Hawke’s Bay – March

• Launch mini HB Film Fest in conjunction with FAWC Winter – June

• Design and deliver a “Digitize for Success” master-class / workshop series for OZ/NZ companies – Sept./Oct.

• Consult with NZ acronyms (NZTE, ATEED etc.) re: economic development and business development – Ongoin