Over the span of his career, Hal has been involved in a wide variety of companies and special projects including:

  • Partner in Tynex, the world’s primary online technology brokerage – Tynex joins developers of innovative technology with buyers who acquire, license and/or commercialize the seller’s products and services
  • Partner in China Access, an economic development consultancy that specialized in building business relationships, investment alliances, and channel partnerships to do business in Mainland China
  • Program Chair and Executive Director for Hong Kong’s Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF), Cyberport Venture Capital Forum,
    and, most recently, launched Web 3.0 Asia in November, 2010
  • US consultant and Silicon Valley liaison for Australian Multimedia Enterprise (AME), a $55M AU new media venture fund based in Sydney
  • Executive Director, for 3 years, of NewMedia INVISION the largest North American program honoring creators of digital content in all media
  • Vice President of Infotainment World and executive producer of the highly successful video game tradeshow, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in LA
  • Co-founder with FireSign Theatre’s Peter Bergman and actor, John Goodman, of the first Internet radio comedy web site, RFO.net
  • President and Executive Producer of the Motorola sponsored Interactive Media Festival, (IMF), a four-day $3.7M corporate event that showcased thirty-five of the best digital media projects selected from hundreds reviewed from North America, Europe and Asia
  • Director of Business Development for The 3DO Company. 3DO was a joint venture of Electronic Arts, Time-Warner & Matsushita (Panasonic)
  • Co-founder of two IT-related public companies, TeleMedia International, a teleconferencing production and human factors training business and StarCom, a private satellite delivery company