Public Speaking

Hal has started delivering two presentations to groups at meetings, conferences and special events. The first is a motivational presentation about issues to consider in order to be an effective entrepreneur. This presentation is called BE a DO’er. Slides to support can be seen here. The second is a presentation about digital disruption and trends in high-tech. An example of some of the things that Hal talks about in his latest presentation is: Seeing 2020: Twelve Trends That Will Change How You See Your Business Future.


Hal will be speaking on the upcoming KEA Inspire 2014 tour:

Details for Inspire Wellington –

Details for Inspire Auckland –


Seeing 2020: Twelve Trends That Will Change How You See Your Business Future


Macro: The Global BIG picture

• The Changing Future of Work – Be a 21st Century Entrepreneur

• Shifting Global Wealth – Tap Into the Adage – “Follow the Money”

• An Asia Pacific Century – Prioritize Biz/Dev in the A/P Time Zone

• IP is King – Package & Position Your “Proprietary” Technology

• Innovate and Disrupt  – Sell Anything from Anywhere to Anyone

• The ART of Digital Sales – Create Traction & Maintain Customer Connection


Micro: Designing Your Business

• Your Business Story – Put Personality & Authenticity into Your Voice

• New Brand Thinking – Re-invent Your Customer -Centric Value Proposition

• Dynamic Pricing – Profit from “FREE”mium and Creative Margins

• Business Development – Quantize Your Marketing and Sales Efforts

• Triple Bottom Line – Leverage Your Difference to Make A Difference

• “Exit Strategies” – Scale Quickly From Idea to M&A or What’s Next